Sunday, May 17, 2009

Works in progress sunday!

This is the first rough of a poster I'm working on for class, thanks to some very clever parlaying of my need for circus promotional material into a homework assignment. All my class work for the rest of the rapidly disappearing quarter is going to deal with the duality of the self I promote for performance, and the self I experience while performing- kind of a backstage, on stage thing. The "I can't do this any more" piece I put up a few days ago was the first part of this series, it more or less sparked the whole idea.

I really want to do a poster that has us all looking bright and shiny and posed, and accompany it with a sketch of us all smoking and ranting about the audience backstage. My life is chock full of material for this concept right now (cough, last Friday's gig, cough).

We're Cirk du Fantastik (as in, Cirk do Fantastik things for your viewing entertainment), and we're here to shout at you and take your money!

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