Wednesday, May 13, 2009


From the outside, I'm a highly functional being, capable of walking upright and completing a ridiculous amount of work in a single day. On the inside, I tend to feel like this. Prone exhausted and with a furiously twitching leg that just wants to KICK EVERYTHING in the FACE.

This is the first piece of a backlog of about a weeks worth of images with notes from that day I drew them. As much as I like posting work as I make it, the buffer comforts me. Once I streamline the reproduction of work to interweb process, it'll be a lot more immediate.

Apologies for the quality- tomorrow I conquer the copy stand at school and all will be light balance and roses.


  1. What happened to "hello world" ?


    This is, in fact, a direct representation of how I walk to the bathroom in the dark. Can't wait for more!