Monday, June 1, 2009

Cirk du Akro!

Final Cirk du Fantastik poster, and a bit of a lie because hell of any of us can do this move. Artistic libertie!

I really need to clean up the shading on the body, I'm having trouble getting it just right and giving the form dimension. I'll mess with it a bit before I go crash, we're hanging the show tomorrow and I need it to resemble a final product.

I started dolling up my studio space to prep for the show today with bombastic circus-y drawings and silliness on butcher paper- "Ladies and Gentlemen, for your viewing ediafication, a never-before-seen peek backstage into the...DUALITY OF SELF" reads the placard on the side. More cleverness to be added as it comes to me.

Emotional blackhole status: My brain hates to see me succeed. I fight it with doin' awesome shit!

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