Friday, July 24, 2009

Dr. Sketchy's Part Two

There were two 20 minute poses at the end of the set, both of which I did in pastels. I like long poses- if I can get my work to "click" early on, I really enjoy working into a piece for a long time. When I can't get something to work from the start, it feels more like fighting an uphill battle to drag my art into something mediocre, but I'm loathe to abandon something and be stuck with a shorter length piece. Both of these clicked in an enjoyable way, though.

The second piece was a challenge to interpret The Windup Space, which is the name of the bar where it was held. I was not to only person to come up with putting a turn-crank into the model, but I WAS the only one to add a tag that said "For a good time turn crank". This piece made it up to the stage too, but it was model's choice and she went with another one.

I leave for Puerto Rico on Sunday, armed with a new vellum sketchbook, chalk nupastels, watercolor pens, and markers. I am full of pleasant fantasies involving the beach and exciting plants and doing naaathing but art for a week. Mmf.

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