Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Iterative Self Photo Shoot

Sorry for the radio silence all- my current class schedule has me chained to the printmaking dungeon and I've only been coming up for air to sleep. My professors seem determined to break me with my credit load this quarter, and truth be told, they're starting to succeed.

These are a few images I took of myself for the iterative self project I'm currently immersed in. I was tethered by the remote shutter control, which is why they're all so damn close. The idea is to work one image through a series of processes, changing it subtly every time, until you go completely fucking insane and burn everything in your studio in a purging fire.

This term is really starting to get to me.

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  1. These are lovely and expressive. I wonder if you would consider submitting something to my blog at www.bodyofwords.net.